Dental knowledge is being discovered more and more as time goes by. Doris has been in the dental field for over 18 years and has seen the transition and evolution of the dental world. As it turns out, the mouth has more to do with our health than previously believed. The mouth is the portal into our bodies. If we keep the doorway clean, then our house can be clean. Happy mouth, happy health!

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My mission is to educate our community for optimum health by making it easier to maintain our oral health integrating natural methods.


My name is Doris and I have been a registered Dental Hygienist since 2011. I was always an inquisitive child that asked why and how, a knowledge seeker as I call it. I always wanted to know how things worked and how I could improve the efficiency of everything. I found that dentistry is always evolving and we are discovering more about our mouth and how it effects our overall health and quality of life. As I worked in the dental field, it was perceived as "normal" to have bleeding in our gums to some extent. This is a major sign of inflammation! I wanted to find a way to reduce inflammation and the destruction of our mouth in a more natural way. When I was 34, I became very ill with major digestive problems and skin problems. I broke out in massive weeping sores from head to toe. Even on my face! I realized that something had to change and I began with adjusting my diet by eliminating processed foods, preservatives and artificial dyes. As my health began to improve, I realized the age old saying, "You are what you eat" was true indeed. As a dental professional, this made me contemplate the ingredients of my dental products. 

This began my observations in my daily interactions with my patients. Much of my research was asking a lot of questions to patients, especially retired dentists and elderly patients who maintained their health and their oral health. I used myself to test out the theories that I began to form and what a difference it made in my mouth.
I grew up thinking that our teeth were only for eating and smiling. My mother said not to waste money on my teeth as they would eventually fall out anyways. I was not taken to the dentist regularly. I was only taken to the dentist when something hurt and it many unpleasant experiences traumatized me. When I was about 23 years old, I took myself to the dentist and it was a very uncomfortable experience and exacerbated the anxiety of sitting in a dental chair. Little did I know, I would find myself going to school for dental hygiene and finding a fulfilling career. I realized in my practice that it was not only about cleaning my patients' teeth, it was also about creating a positive, comfortable experience that helped alleviate anxiety and fear of the entire process.

As I practiced dentistry educating, preventing, and reducing illnesses and dental problems in my patients became my mission. I have been researching as I worked for the past 5 years on how to do just that. I also received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in pursuit of becoming a future instructor for dental hygiene. I could see in my career how much our community knew about dental health. It turns out most of the information we knew was based on what our parents taught us. The lack of general research led to many misconceptions such as, "My teeth will eventually fall out." "I have soft teeth." "I have soft gums" "Teeth are just for eating" "Bleeding to some extent is normal" "I don't have cavities so everything is fine" "Periodontal disease is just a myth and a way for dentists to take my money" "Flossing is just to get the food out". In the spirit of educating, I share information with my patients and guide people to optimum health through empowering them with knowledge. I hope you are enlightened with the information and share with others because after all "Knowledge is Power".

You can find me working closely with Dr. Stan Chickey at ECCD in Virginia Beach, VA. Our methods and approaches combined offer top notch quality of treatment and services. Dr. Chickey has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years and believes in treating each patient as an individual with compassion and care. He provides an array of dental services including Botox® and fillers for TMJ/facial treatments. We help put the care back into "healthcare". As a practicing team, we are here to educate and treat the community to prevent disease and maintain oral/systemic health.
More information at: www.drstanchickey.com

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