Recommended Products

Here is a list of products I recommend to patients and use myself

Reach Floss for traditional string floss

  • I like this floss because of the change in texture (squeaky squeaky) you should achieve while flossing. There are other types of floss called dental tape such as Glide or Satin Care that I found to be too slippery to effectively remove all the plaque from the teeth. It also seems to leave behind a slippery film after using for a long time. If the plaque is not removed completely, it creates a magnet for more food and bacterial adherence perpetuating the growth. 
  • If this type of floss shreds or gets caught around dental crowns or fillings, you can use Listerine Ultraclean Floss that is shred resistant. It has a rubbery texture that still gets you the squeaky clean feel.

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  • Listerine Ultraclean Access Flosser

  • This is for hard to reach areas like molars and wisdom teeth
  • If you prefer to use dental picks over string floss, this is the go to instead of the short plastic devices that don't give proper angulation. Dental picks that are short and have a straight angle are good at removing food particles but cannot reach all surfaces of all the teeth. Coming soon: Proper Floss Techniques.
  • This product can be found on Amazon. However, I found it at Target for $1.99 for the starter pack and on Amazon it can cost up to $10.

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  • BreathRx Tongue Scraper

  • Scrape food and other debris from your tongue with this scraper. It can be wiped down and cleaned with alcohol.
  • Freshens the breath and can improve taste
  • It is very important to clean your tongue each time you brush your teeth. I call our tongue the door mat of our mouth and it can accumulate food and bacteria that can enter the body.
  • Use after rinsing with a homemade peroxide rinse and removes anything lifted by the rinse
  • Please scrape your tongue each time you brush your teeth to remove what our modern diet leaves behind. *Coming soon: Effects of our modern diet on our mouth*
  • This is the best scraper that I have used

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Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0

  • Love your waterpik and your electric toothbrush? This device combines both of these and has greatly improved my patients home care by reducing plaque/tartar, reducing pocketing and reducing bleeding.
  • Especially great for patients maintaining periodontal disease and patients with orthodontic devices/braces.
  • You can add a couple capfuls of peroxide with a tank of water to oxygenate your dental care for an optimum experience. Make sure to flush with water after adding peroxide.
  • This system is a bit more costly but what is more important than your health?

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Oral Breeze Showerbreeze Dental Irrigator

  • This irrigator is installed on your shower head so you can clean your mouth while showering and eliminating the splashing and mess of a traditional Waterpik.
  • This device is low maintenance, convenient and easy to use.
  • Great for orthodontic appliances, braces, implants and bridges.
  • Don't feel like flossing but still want to flush your gums out? This is a great alternative. Although, I would still recommend physically cleaning the slit between the gum and the teeth by flossing at least Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Think of a car wash: either you can go to the brushless, high powered spray washes or the car washes that physically scrub your car with brushes. There can be residual amounts of material left behind by not physically wiping down your car. Same with the teeth.

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Interproximal/Interdental Brushes OR Soft Picks by GUM

  • These are great for spaces between the teeth and under bridges and implants where toothbrushes cannot access. 
  • Interproximal brushes come in a variety of sizes based on the space or gap.
  • Softpicks are great for cleaning under fixed retainers after orthodontic treatment.
  • To get a lifetime supply (haha) you can go to Costco for Soft picks
  • For dental implants: Be sure to use a brush or pick that does not have a metal core that can create micro scratches on dental implants. Soft picks are my choice.
  • Never force any brush or device into a space that is too tight. Choose the correct diameter for the space you want to clean. The device should access the space between teeth with minimal pressure. We do not want to traumatize tissues to clean them.

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Most Basic Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

  • This is the cheapest, most basic model without any additional settings.
  • This model has a bigger handle that is great for those who have arthritis or need a bigger grip. 
  • This version is also compatible with brush heads that are available in stores or online. Note: be sure to buy genuine Sonicare toothbrush replacement heads as the generic or off brands do not work as well.

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Sonicare Toothbrush

  • Cut your brushing time in half! 
  • This electric toothbrush is sleek and cost effective.
  • This toothbrush is found at stores like Target, Walmart and even Costco. 
  • I usually get my replacement heads in bulk at Costco.

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Sonicare for Kids

  • This toothbrush is great for children over the age of 3. It begins their electric toothbrush experience with a cute device that encourages and makes brushing time enjoyable. 
  • There are a variety of stickers that change the image on the brush. There is an app that can be downloaded for tablets that helps instruct, guide and teach them where to move the brush.
  • There is also an app that parents can download which tracks the movement and use of the brush. No more wetting toothbrush tricks!

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Sonicare Toothbrush Replacement Heads

  • You can find replacement heads on Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond. I would highly recommend to use genuine Philips Sonicare replacement heads. The generic or off name brands tend to not clean and function as well. You can find the replacements at Costco for a better price. 
  • This toothbrush also helps flush the gums out due to the ultrasonic technology. I have seen patient's gums improve by just using this toothbrush.

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Oral B Electric Toothbrush

  • Don't like the vibration of the Sonicare toothbrush?
  • This electric toothbrush has a small, circular head that rotates and doesn't vibrate as much. It is a great alternative if the Philips Sonicare toothbrush doesn't suit you.
  • This is also a less expensive electric toothbrush to maintain since the replacement heads cost less.
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Oral B Replacement Heads

  • You can find replacement heads in your local stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart or Costco. 
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Over the Counter Nightguard

Have you been told you clench or grind your teeth? Have you seen the cost of a lab fabricated night guard and started to sweat? Do you know if you can even sleep with a device while you sleep? Do you want to protect your teeth but can't afford the one offered at by your dentist?

Try this night guard that is easy to mold and the closest to the lab fabricated one from the dentist. Place about 1 hour before you actually go to sleep and it will give your mouth time to get accustomed to something in your mouth so it is less likely to spit it out.

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